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Brand Watch: Why Gilt Groupe wins at mobile-first

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Gilt mobile

Gilt mobile

Nowadays marketers are constantly looking at ways to create their own mobile-first brand. Companies should follow in the steps of Gilt Groupe, which is increasingly raising the bar and continuing to build its mobile-first powerhouse.

Many marketers assume that by having a mobile application, it means that they have a mobile-first marketing strategy. However, a rare few provide the whole package.

From what I can ascertain Gilt provides very limited windows for their opportunities, which are in fact great deals, said Stephen Shearin, vice president of business development at AdGent Digital.

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To get these deals users have to be connected online, and the one way one can always be online is via a smartphone or tablet, he said.

Mr. Shearin is not affiliated with Gilt Groupe. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Gilt Groupe reaches BlackBerry users with optimize

Gilt Groupe wants to enhance its mobile checkout

Gilt Groupe did not respond by press time.

Step up
Over the past few years, Gilt has been stepping up its mobile game.

The company has dipped its toes in mobile applications, a mobile site, mobile advertising and social media.

Role of SMS changing with mobile maturity and inte

Consumers can share Gilt products via SMS

According to Gilt, roughly 30 percent of revenue comes from mobile users, and that number increases on weekends when consumers are not in front of their computers.

Additionally, Gilt has more than four million downloads of its mobile and tablet devices.

Gilt has a mobile site, as well as applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices.

The company also constantly offers mobile-only deals such as access to presale events.

A tactic such as this is a great way to win over new and existing customers.

Gilt is also proving that mobile commerce is on the rise.

The company offers consumers an array selection of designer goods. To date, the largest mobile purchase was a $24,000 vintage Rolex watch via the Gilt for iPad app.

Mobile takeover
Loyalty, personalization and good customer service are the top ingredients needed for a successful multichannel retail strategy, per Gilt.

In addition, the flash-sale online retailer believes that strong retailer partnerships are crucial to marketing to young consumers, especially if brands want to be acknowledged as a marketing entity.

Gilt is constantly looking to innovate itself in the mobile space.

In its latest initiative, Gilt is focusing on mobile technologies, international availability and high levels of personalization on its Web site, which most likely positioned the online flash-sales site as a top partner for high-end brands.

Mobile continues to be a very big opportunity and Gilt will continue with mobile-only sales, particularly on weekends and during holidays.

In addition to mobile, Gilt has a very strong presence in social media.

The flash-sale giant is continuing to grow its Facebook and Twitter presence.

Gilt uses its social media efforts to increasingly build relationships with consumers.

Utilizing savvy use of social media to drive awareness, Gilt combines the flash sale with a very sophisticated use of data wherein they have effectively identified the people that use particular devices and the time of day that they have a higher probability to be on them and use this to deliver their opportunities with optimal focus, Mr. Shearin said.

Its a perfect storm of retail. Create desire and provide access to the appropriate market, he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York

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