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Auto Dealer Cross-Promotes Their Mobile Marketing via Radio Spots


A local family of dealerships in the Jacksonville, FL area implemented a mobile text messaging campaign with a goal of generating cell phone leads to both follow up for new car sales, and push service/sales specials throughout the months.


1. To generate a large mobile database
2. Compare radio station effectiveness by the number of opt-ins, thus gauging the dollars spent on radio.
3. Utilize the database to farm warm leads and to push monthly service specials.


Four radio stations were utilized during the 2009 year. For each station, a promotion of 4-8 weeks was run that fit the audience and the dealership.

At the end of the promotions, the mobile database was contacted again and asked to respond for dealership-specific offers. One such example includes “Interested in a FREE TV with the purchase of a new vehicle for the holidays? Reply GMC to [short code].”


After all the campaigns were completed, a total of 4000 mobile opt-ins were generated. One radio station brought in over 1600 leads, while another station brought in just over 600.

During the later mobile push, over 370 mobile numbers (9.25%) responded to the free tv offer, giving the dealership extremely warm and valid leads to follow up on.


All goals were met during this promotion, including the rating of local radio, generating a large number of mobile opt-ins, and utilizing those numbers to follow-up on potential buyers. Because of this, the dealership was able to focus more accurately on the radio stations that brought in the best results, and focus promotions tailored to their primary audience.

Also, the dealership has been able to maintain a valid relationship with their customers by inviting them in for free lunches, car club events, and detail/service specials. By maintaining this mobile relationship with their database they have increased the number or repeat and loyal customers.

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