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SMS case study – Honda and Toyota of Seattle

Name and city and state of marketer
Honda and Toyota of Seattle

Campaign/program name
Text message and mobile Web marketing

October 2009 – present.

Common short code and keywords used
HONDA to 25735, TOYOTA to 25735.

To enhance dealership visibility, increase service, customers, parts sales and car sales.

Target audience
Customers with cars that need servicing or parts – any make and models – and customers looking for new or used cars

To open a new channel for attracting and retaining customers

Call to action
Text HONDA or TOYOTA  to 25735

Sandwich boards and a large banner in busy intersections, as well as targeted ads in small neighborhood newspapers

With new  signage the dealership is seeing one to two hits a day with a high conversion rate to parts and customers. The dealership has also generated several test drives

What next
As the database continues to grow, the dealership is considering a text message reminder service to remind current clients when it is time for an oil change or check up

Lessons learned
The sooner you go big on signage, the better

Surprise finding
Although one or two hits per day did not seem like that many hits, there turns out to be a surprisingly high conversion rate of these hits into customers

Executive’s name, title and company for response attribution:
Matthew Turnbull, head of technology at  Honda and Toyota of Seattle, Seattle

Strategy quote from brand executive
“Each new text client we gain is a potential new car sale, service customer, or parts sale,” said Matthew Turnbull, head of technology at  Honda and Toyota of Seattle.

What challenge did mobile address
“We are seeing  one-to-two new text customers a day and growing,” Mr. Turnbull said. “Each new text customer is a new set of eyes on our mobile site and that is a great first impression, given that without this technology we would not have had that opportunity.”

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