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SMS case study – NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers

Excerpts from a case study showing how the Pittsburgh Steelers used text message marketing to engage fans.

Name and city and state of marketer
The National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh, PA

Campaign/program name

Steelers Alerts and Text-to-win during games


Football season, ongoing

Common short code and keywords used
STEELERS to 94253, HINES to 94253, WIN FOOTBALL to 94253

To get fans more involved with the Steelers both during games and throughout the year, keeping them informed and updated on news with the team

Target audience
Steelers fans

To use SMS to get Steelers fans more involved

Call to action
Television, buses, Steelers and Songwhale Web sites, and during games over the PA and on the Jumbotron

Grab the attention of individuals in Pittsburgh, where most people are Steelers fans, and make the message short so they remember it and sign up for the exclusive news about the team. During games giving an autographed football is given away, enticing more individuals to text in.

Database is currently more than 42,000 and growing by about 1,000 each week.  During Steelers games an average of 1,920 individuals text in for the autographed football

What next
More promotions are being planned to further drive the numbers for the upcoming NFL Draft, Training Camp this fall as well as several for next season

Lessons learned
If given the opportunity, fans love to participate with the teams they love.

Because there is natural down time during sporting events and most people don’t leave home without their mobile device we are able to extend engagement with Steelers Fans outside the field of play.

These interactions allowed the Steelers organization to get a committed group of followers that enabled engagement through a new medium.

Surprise finding
The amount of sponsors that we were able to get involved with our mobile initiatives to create incremental revenue for our partner and activation opportunities for sponsors.

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