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SMS case study – Teichman Fine Jewelers

Teichman Fine Jewelers, Beverly Hills, CA


Short code

“Ur entered 2Win! Wnr ntfd via txt msg on 2/13. Use Code ‘XXXX’ for 25% Off all in-stock items! Call (310)550-8048 4info. Xclsns may aply. Hurry, Ends 2/13.”

Double opt-in request message
“Reply YES for 10 more entries 2Win &get Exclusives from TeichmanFineJewelers! max4msgs/mo. std msg&data chgs apply. Reply YES Now!”

Double opt-in confirmation message
“Success! U have 11 entries 2Win & R subscribed! STOP 2quit. HELP 4help. Look for more chances 2Win on Ur Mobile Phone!”

Campaign goals

  1. Empower patrons to generate viral buzz about the small boutique Beverly Hills jewelry store among locals
  2. Target a younger demographic and build an opt-in database to generate sales, driving ROI
  3. Determine redemption rates as well as who redeemed specific offers to enable for more effective and targeted remarketing
  4. Offer utility through the mobile device, encouraging use
  5. Enable the business to differentiate itself from the large group of direct local and Web-based competition

Campaign strategy
The mobile call to action  was added to all promotional advertisements which incentivized responses with a sweepstakes and a general promotional offer of 25 percent  off all in-stock items when the SMS message was shown at the point-of-sale.

The discount offer was aimed at driving traffic to the POS, and each SMS message also included a unique code, employed for tracking purposes to control redemption, as well as for database segmentation.

As Valentine’s Day approached, alert messages were sent to respondents reminding them of the discount offer – again with a new unique code in each message – and offering advice on great compliments for the respondents’ Valentine.

Campaign Results
The campaign was successful in generating a large amount of new business among the target demographic, as well as in generating viral buzz and many POS redemptions.

The retailer was able to build a database for future use and identify who actually redeemed the offer in a cost-effective manner.

“Working with clients in almost every industry, I find retailers are consistently most amazed by how effective, simple and valuable the employment of the mobile enhancement is to the existing marketing mix,” said Shira Simmonds.

Mobile offers fun and compelling targeted opportunities to engage the respondent and forge a deep connection with patrons,” she said.

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