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The Attic – Fashion Retailer sold $20,000 in 3 Hours

$20,000 sales in 3 hours

Buena Park, CA – The Attic, a Southern California streetwear retailer, made $20,000 in just 3 hours using the latest technology in “multi-mode marketing”. We wanted to share this amazing story. Click here for more details.

How did The Attic do it?
They sent sales alerts to opt-in VIP’s via Mobile Text (SMS), Instant Message, and Email in less than 24 hours before a big sale event…

And The Attic isn’t alone. Numerous other businesses enjoy similar benefits from Pocket-Promo’s All-In-One Multi-Mode Marketing service online.

Summary of The Attic’s 4th of July Sale:

  • The Attic texted 1200 people on their opt-in mobile list and 232 people showed up before the store even opened (that’s a 20% response rate).
  • They sold $20,000 worth of merchandise in just 3 hours. A record for The Attic!
  • Average VIP spent $20,000/232 = $86.21
  • It only took 2 days of planning and advance notice for this event.


  • High impact communications via mobile text and instant message (IM) will keep your customers informed and ultimately increase sales (especially on slow days).
  • Mobile text and IM are amazing ways to alert customers with sales, promotions, new product arrivals, and important announcements.
  • With Pocket-Promo there’s no need to plan weeks ahead to get an important message out and wonder if it gets read.
  • “Multi-Mode Marketing” can take your business to the next level and set you apart from your competition by giving you that extra edge.
  • Email alone just isn’t fashionable enough, and it does not cost anything more than what you are already spending for email.

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