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Pocket-Promo has become a leader in the text message marketing industry due to its perfect trifecta offering:  A powerful, fully featured software system; a competitive pricing model, and personal attention and marketing expertise that is unmatched.  While other providers simply offer a “Do It Yourself” model, leaving you to fend for yourself to try to figure out how to use the software and hoping that someone will provide you with support if (when) you need it.

With Pocket-Promo’s “VIP Managed Service” you get an Account Manager assigned to your account.  This Account Manager will provide you with a personal consultation to determine your business needs, and then will custom-design an SMS campaign that best suits your individual needs.  This personalized service eliminates the huge learning curve you experience with the do it yourself offerings while providing you with the most robust text message campaign available.

Knowledge + Power = Campaign success

The chart below shows how our text message marketing software system outclasses those of our competitors.  Best of all, you don’t have to worry about learning how to use it — we do it all for you!

Before you commit to any service be sure to Compare SMS Text Marketing Programs, then after comparing, take a FREE TRIAL!

Company #1
Company #2
Complete Fully-Managed Turnkey System
Keyword/short code
Custom Data Fields
Mail Merge Data Fields Into Messages
Pure SMS messages
Mobile Voting Feature
Automated Appointment Reminders
Automatic Creation of Distribution Lists
Easy to Use Interface
Embeddable Hotlinks to Web Page
Option for Fully Managed Service
Send Text Blasts from Cell Phone
Import/Export Data
Instant Notification to E-mail/Text of Sign-ups
Schedule Automated Messages
Dynamic Messages Based on Opt-in Date
Text Message 'Inbox' to Monitor Messages
Integration with over 30 Social Media Sites
Twitter Only
Ability to Send Texts Internationally
Website Landing Page Templates
Website Widgets (for Data Collection)
Ability to Send 'SmartBlast' - Text or E-mails
Shuffle Auto-Responders for Test Marketing
Structured to Handle Many Different Industries
Ability to send MMS Messages
Ability to send Voice Blasts
Text to Screen Capabilities
Referral Opportunities
Affiliate Opportunities
Compare SMS Text Marketing Programs - When looking for a text message/SMS marketing firm, functionality is key. Many firms offer limited functionality and charge full prices. Pocket-Promo offers the most robust functionality in the market today at very cost effective prices.

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