Text Message Marketing Made Easy!

Advanced Messaging Features

Value Added Advanced Features

All of Pocket-Promo’s text messaging service plans come with the following advanced mobile marketing software features:


  • Tie your mobile phone to your account so that when you’re not in front of a computer you can send out a single text message from your phone and message everyone in a distribution list on every mode of communication (SMS, IM, and Email).
  • Setup recurring and automated messages to be sent out at certain days and times of the week, month, or year.
  • Schedule messages for future delivery time.
  • Compose mobile texts, instant messages, and emails that automatically address each recipient by their first and last name so it’s more personal (merged fields).
  • Select from over 100 stylish email templates or plug in your own custom HTML code.
  • Update your status messages on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter right from Pocket-Promo.
  • Easily select only certain area codes to send your text messages to.

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