Text Message Marketing Made Easy!

Mobile Keywords and Short Codes


Setup as many Mobile Keywords as you’d like in minutes. When people text your keyword it automatically opts their mobile number into your Pocket-Promo database. Automatic replies are texted back to people that text your Mobile Keyword, and you can customize and change this auto-responder text at any time.

iPhone showing Pocket-Promo's Mobile Messaging Features
  • Send the auto response message once per mobile number, every time the keyword is texted, or once per time frame (day, hour, week, or month). You can also send an Alternate Auto Response text message if someone has already texted your keyword before.
  • People can text your Mobile Keyword followed by a message they want to send you. All of their messages will be captured in your Pocket-Promo Inbox or you can have them forwarded to an email or mobile phone of your choice.
  • Automated and recurring messages can be sent to any new keyword signups. So if someone texts your Mobile Keyword you can setup an automatic text to be sent to them on day 1, day 5, day 30, day 100, etc.
  • Have a notification texted to your mobile phone or emailed to you when somebody texts your keyword so you can follow up right away.

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