Text Message Marketing Made Easy!

Pocket Promo is the easiest online Mobile Text Reminder Service!

If your service or business depends on appointments or reservations, you need to minimize missed opportunities as much as possible. After all, each missed appointment or reservation means lost revenue!

Unlike annoying automated phone calling systems, mobile text reminders are a non-intrusive way of saying you care and an automated way of increasing your revenue.  A mobile text reminder program pays for itself with just a single saved opportunity and is the most effective and least expensive way to keep your business or service at full capacity.

The best part is that mobile text reminder are incredibly affordable, and any business or organization can setup and start sending SMS reminders in minutes. All you need is a computer with Internet access!

It’s time to let your staff focus on something more important than making repetitive reminder phone calls, and never allow your clients or customers put up with intrusive automated phone calls again!

How much can you save?

Headrush, a popular hair salon in the UK was able to cut their “no-show” appointments by 70% using SMS messaging, and they now use text message marketing to send coupons, special event promotions, and holiday/birthday messages to client in order to increase sales.

Kaiser Permanente, a large non-profit medical center was able to save $270,000 in one month by using SMS reminders. Each missed appointment cost the hospital $150- texting reminders to patients cut down on costs significantly.

Here’s an easy 3-step process to setup a mobile text reminder:

You also have options to:

  • Quickly add new contacts to your database and set appointment times
  • Search for an existing contact in seconds
  • Create automated templates to send reminders quickly and automatically without typing each individual message
  • Edit or cancel queued reminders at anytime

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