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Collecting Opt-In Client Data – Video Tutorials

We want to be sure that we provide you with the most comprehensive tutorials available so that you can be up and running quickly with your mobile text message marketing campaign. Please review the tutorials below to see how you can roll out your marketing process immediately.

Collecting the cell phone numbers for your opt-in clients can be done in a number of ways.   You can:


Creating a Website Widget

A website widget (like the one over to the right of this paragraph), allows you to post a small data capture form on your existing website in a column or as an inline frame.   This permits you to keep the look and feel of your website, while implementing mobile marketing/opt-in data capture list capabilities.   As you will see, our website widget creator allows for a great deal of customization so that the widget can be molded to suit your site’s existing look and feel.



Creating a Website Landing Page to Capture Opt-in Mobile Marketing Clients

If you don’t have a website, have a basic website, or would simply like us to host your opt-in data capture page, you can create a simple data capture page by using your own freeform text, or you can use one of our professionally designed templates.   No matter what choice you make, the visitors to your site will automatically be added to your opt-in mobile marketing campaign database.


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